Law and Development: From the Global South Perspectives (2016)
The Law and Development Institute, University Austral, and the Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, Inter-America Development Bank (IDB-INTAL) co-hosted the seventh annual conference in law and development. The Conference featured high-level academic presentations on key topics in law and development, such as developmental state, development and international trade, development and environment, development and corruption, and the rule of law. Twenty-five leading scholars and experts from South and North Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe presented papers over two days. Representatives from the IDB and the World Bank also discussed key development projects relevant to the conference topics.
Date: October 21 and 22, 2016
Venue: University Austral, Cerrito 1250 (Room 1 and 2), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day 1: October 21, 2016
Introductory Remarks by Professor Stéphanie de Moerloose, University Austral and University of Geneva
Opening Statement by Professor Y.S. Lee, Director of the Law and Development Institute
Welcome Statement by Professor Marcelo Meregalli Ferrer, the Director of International Relations, University Austral
Keynote Speech by Dr. Gustavo Beliz, Director of IDB-INTAL
“Objective and Subjective Dimensions of Regional and Global Integration in Latin-America”
Panel Presentations: “Developmental State”
Chair: Prof. Paul Zwier, Emory University School of Law

“Do as I say: The Argentine Supreme Court as a Maker of Public Policies”
Professor Mario Campora, University of Buenos Aires

“Developmental State No Birth Right: South Africa’s Post-1994 Economic Development”
Mr. T.K. Pooe, North West University

“The Dilemmas of the Developmental State: Democracy and Economic Development in Brazil”
Professor Mariana Prado, University of Toronto

“The Cost of the Constitution: Emerging Theoretical, Financial and Legal Challenges within the Devolved Governance Framework Introduced by the 2010 Constitution of Kenya”
Dean Luis Franceschi, Strathmore University Law School
Q&A Session
Panel Presentations: “Development and Environment”
Chair: Dean Luis Franceschi, Strathmore University School of Law

“Multilateral Banks and Sustainable Development: Towards the Emergence of a Common Law in Development Projects?”
Professor Stéphanie de Moerloose, University Austral

“The Development of Unconventional Gas in Argentina: Environmental Challenges and the Need for Regulation”
Ms. María Florencia Saulino and Juan Morganti, Palermo University

“The Legal Implications of Environmental Degradation and Poverty in China: An Inter-Relationship”
Ms. Inna Amesheva, University of Hong Kong, Ph.D candidate

“Developmental Projects and Environmental Concerns: An Analysis of the Perception of Indian Judiciary”
Professor Mani Sakthivel, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Q&A Session
Coffee Break
Panel Presentations: “Development and the Rule of Law”
Chair: Prof. Stéphanie de Moerloose, University Austral and University of Geneva

“Rule of Law and Judicial Discretion: Their Compatibility and Reciprocal Limitation”
Professor Juan B. Etcheverry, University Austral

“GBV in Liberia: A Case for Integrating ADR and Formal Rule of Law”
Professor Paul Zwier, Emory University School of Law

“SDG 1 and the Rule of Law”
Professor Markus Kaltenborn, Ruhr University Bochum

“The Rule of Law & Development: Three Layers of Interest Perception”
Professor Michael Ilg, University of Calgary

“Dispute Resolution, Justice, and the Common Good”
Professor Tim Murphy, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Q&A Session
Photo Session, First Day Closing
Conference Dinner (Speakers and Invited Guests)
Day 2: October 22, 2016
Presentation by the World Bank Representative
“World Bank Justice Initiatives in the Latin American and the Caribbean Region”
Fabiola Altimari, Senior Counsel, The World Bank
Panel Presentations: “Trade, Investment, and Regional Integration”
Chair: Marcelo Meregalli Ferrer, University Austral

“The Long and Winding Road – Path Towards Facilitation of Development in the WTO: Reflections on the Doha Round and Beyond”
Professor Y.S. Lee, The Law and Development Institute

“Private Standards, Developing Countries and Obligations of Governments in Contemporary WTO Law”
Professor Moshe Hirsch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“A Critical Analysis of Conditionalities in the Generalised System of Preferences”
Dr. Pallavi Kishore, Jindal Global Law School

“The (mis)use of Development in International Investment Law: Understanding the Jurist's Limits to Work with Development Issues”
Professor Nitish Monebhurrun, University Center of Brasília, Brazil
Q&A Session
IADB-INTAL Presentation: Database on Trade, “INTrade BID”
Alejandro Ramos Martínez, Senior Economist, INTAL
Panel Presentations: “Corruption and Development”
Chair: Dr. Pallavi Kishore, Jindal Global Law School

“Creating an Anti-Corruption Norm: Critical Reflections on Legal Instrumentalization for Development”
Professor Paul Ocheje, University of Windsor

“Political Clientelism and Law”
Professor Pedro Rivas, Universidad Austral

“Public Procurement Law and Anti-Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Annika Engelbert Ruhr-University Bochum
Q&A Session
Coffee Break
Panel Presentations: “Rising Issues”
Chair: Professor Y.S. Lee, The Law and Development Institute

“Creative Development: Can Copyright Foster Content Industries in the Global South?”
Professor Sean Pager, Michigan State University

“Foreign Aid Reciprocity Agreements: Developing Countries Committing Themselves to Improving the Effectiveness of Aid When They Become Donors”
Professor Martin Skladany, Pennsylvania State University School of Law

“Helping Working Children through Consumocratic Law: A Global South Perspective”
Professor P. Martin Dumas, Laval University

“Understanding the Limitations of Gender Equality Laws in Pursuit of Greater Socio-Economic Development”
Ms. Shillah Sintoyia Memusi, Strathmore Law and Policy Institute
Q&A Session
Closing Statement by Prof. Y.S. Lee
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